POLL: More Americans Trust The IRS And NSA Than Facebook And Google With Their Information

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Who do you trust more? The NSA, the IRS, Facebook or Google? According to a poll by Reason-Rupen the answer Americans picked might surprise you.

Over 1000 Americans were asked the question “Which of the following do you trust the most with your personal information?” and were given the options of “Facebook, Google, NSA, IRS, none, don’t know and refuse.” Surprisingly, Facebook and Google came in last place (discounting don’t know and refuse).

Only five percent of respondents said that Facebook is the organization they trust most with their information while Google grabbed ten percent of the respondents. Meanwhile, the tax revenue governmental body that everyone loves to hate, topped the list with 35 percent of respondents saying they see it as the most trustworthy among the group and the NSA came in second (discounting “None” which grabbed 28 percent) with 18 percent of respondents saying that it is the organization they trust most out of the group.

A separate question, however, may show that the way the poll functions may have skewed the results. When responding to the question “Who do you think is most likely to violate your privacy?” the same respondents ranked the NSA as the number one organization among the group most likely to violate your privacy with 36 percent. Facebook came in second at 26 percent, the IRS grabbed 18 percent and Google came in at 12 percent.

It seems reasonable to assume that the respondents who said that they trust “none” of the organizations listed with their personal information would put the NSA and possibly the IRS at the top of their list. This seems to be reflected in the second question, where the NSA ranked much higher, when the question became focused on which organization is most likely to violate the respondent’s privacy. In short, just because a person doesn’t trust the NSA, Facebook or Google doesn’t mean that they trust the NSA more than Facebook. The poll didn’t ask participants to list organizations they trust least in order, and so it is impossible to know how the 28 percent that responded “None” feel about Facebook or the NSA.

With that in mind we present a more straight forward question. Who do you trust more with your personal information, The head of the NSA, Admiral Michael S. Rogers, or Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg?

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