Wayne Rooney Sends Wife World’s Most Unromantic Birthday Message

wayne rooney and wife

Man, you really have to be careful about how you say things on the internet. Wayne Rooney is being relentlessly mocked on Twitter today for sending his wife a pretty unromantic birthday message.

Have a nice day? No “I love you.” No “you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.” No Xs or Os?

Now, Wayne Rooney’s message isn’t mean. It’s not nasty or insulting. It’s just a simple message and, in a way, it’s kind of sweet. “I hope you have a nice day.” That’s a pleasant thought, right? Maybe we shouldn’t be making fun of Wayne Rooney at all…

OK, but here’s the thing. He sent this message out on Twitter. Which, as you may know, is a very public forum. If he wanted to wish his wife a happy birthday and tell her that he “hopes she has a nice day” he could have just talked to her in person.

Why post the public message? Or a better question: Why post such a lame public message?

We’re not expecting Wayne Rooney to post any #AfterSex selfies of him and his wife but this is a little pathetic. But who am I talk? Wazza and his wife Coleen have been married for ten years. Me, on the other hand, well, I celebrated my first dogecoin windfall today… 



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