6 Tips for How to Style Jordan 1 Sneakers

Getting ready for a formal event this weekend and a night out with the guys next weekend? You’re in luck: Your favorite Jordan 1 sneakers will turn both of your outfit options from drab to fab.

Air Jordan 1 sneakers remain the most recognizable and iconic shoes in history. And fortunately, there are many unique ways to style these sneakers.

Here’s a rundown of six tips for styling Air Jordans like a pro this season.

Let’s jump in!

  1. Sweatpants with Jordan 1 Shoes

Sweatpants and tapered pants remain the look of choice for most Jordan shoe owners.

If you’re like most sneakerheads, you love showing off your entire shoe. Fortunately, tapered pants make this easy to do.

At the same time, the combination of Jordan 1 shoes and sweatpants affords a level of comfort that you’d be hard-pressed to experience in any other outfit and shoe combination. This stylish pairing offers a unique mixture of function and fashion that you’ll enjoy whether you’re playing sports or running to the store.

Want to take your outfit up a notch? Add a hoodie to the mix for an awesome athleisure look. A tech fleece hoodie is an especially great choice if you’re looking for lightweight warmth during the colder seasons.

You can also wear a track jacket and a plain white t-shirt with your sweatpants and Jordan 1 shoes.

  1. Shorts with Jordan 1 Shoes

Do you plan to sport shorts regularly this summer? Jordan 1 shoes will work well for these, too.

The most important part of your ensemble if you wear shorts and Jordans, though, is your socks. Black or standard white crew socks work best with shorts, as any other color may draw attention away from your Jordans. With black and white socks, you can rest assured that your Air Jordans will always take center stage.

  1. Cargo Pants with Jordan 1 Shoes

If comfort isn’t a priority for you, then feel free to combine your Jordan 1 kicks with cargo pants.

Cargo pants stand out for being attractive and versatile. You can wear these pants for exercise, work, and running errands. They also work well for simply hanging out with your comrades or going to the nearby park.

Wherever your cargo pants take you, your Jordan 1 shoes can take you, too — and they’ll look stylish together. You can pair your cargo pants and Jordans with a solid gray hoodie for the ultimate fashionable look.

  1. Other Outfit Options with Jordan 1 Shoes

Here are a few other ensemble styling combinations to take advantage of when you plan to don your Air Jordans.

  • Logo tee, cargo jeans, and Jordan 1 shoes
  • Black sweatshirt, black jeans, and Jordan 1 shoes
  • Denim jeans (tapered), white t-shirt, flannel shirt, and Jordan 1 shoes

You can also even wear your Jordan shoes with any formal outfit, like a tuxedo, dress, or suit.

However, note that the Jordans will add sizzle to your style only if these popular shoes are clean. Don’t let scuffed-up, dirty kicks ruin your entire aesthetic.

  1. Jordan 1 Shoe Color Styling Tip

No Jordan 1 shoe guide would be complete without referencing the various color options you can take advantage of as a Jordan 1 shoe owner. Several Jordan shoe colors are available, including royal blue and black, gray and black, white and black, and a white-black-red combo.

Ideally, the outfits you build around your Jordan 1 shoes should complement your Jordan 1 shoes’ various colors. In light of this, it is best to pick out your favorite Jordans first, then find clothing that matches them.

Still, keep in mind that keeping your colors as subtle as possible is key to creating an eye-catching, fashion-forward look.

For instance, let’s say the Jordans you want to wear today are black and red. This doesn’t mean your clothes should only be black and red.

Instead, feel free to wear a white t-shirt that has some subdued red accents. Alternatively, you can incorporate your favorite red accessory, such as a snapback, into your outfit to complete the look.

  1. Jordan 1 Shoe Options and Styling Advice

With Air Jordans, you have three shoe options: high-top, mid-top, and low-top.

The high-top option, which is the tallest one, remains the top choice among sneakerheads. Given this shoe’s height, you may want to wear it with longer socks or shorter pants.

The mid-top option is more widely available compared with the high-top and low-top options simply because hardcore sneakerheads view it as taboo. However, the reality is that mid-top Air Jordans are very similar to high-top Air Jordans. That means longer socks and shorter pants will work well with them.

The low-top Air Jordan 1 shoes stand out for being easier to style compared with the high-top and mid-top options. The low-top Jordan lends itself nicely to virtually any pants, socks, and shorts. Due to its versatility in outfit combinations and styling, this shoe has become increasingly popular in recent years.

If you’re not sure you’ll like the look of high-top shoes on you, low-top Jordans are generally a safe bet.

Style Jordan 1 Sneakers with Confidence Today

When it comes to styling Jordan 1 sneakers, the top trends include wearing Air Jordan shoes with sweatpants and tapered pants. Sneakerheads also enjoy wearing Jordan 1 shoes with shorts, cargo pants, and formal attire.

These popular sneakers are also available in numerous colors, ranging from royal blue and black to gray and black.

Consider all of the above-listed Jordan 1 shoe style options as you seek to take every one of your ensembles to the next level in the months ahead.

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