Facebook Rolls Out Anti-Virus Marketplace For Mobile Devices

With 600 Million monthly active users on mobile, Facebook is wanting to step up security by expanding their anti-virus marketplace. The social network unfortunately experiences issues with malware being spread on a consistent basis, as well as numerous scams.

The new security roll-out will bring products that users can trust, and help keep their accounts better protected. With the expansion, seven new security companies have been added to the marketplace which brings it to a total of twelve companies offering protection.

New companies added include AVG, avast!, Avira, Kaspersky, Panda, Total Defense, and Webroot. Existing partners include Microsoft, McAfee, Norton, TrendMicro, and Sophos. Downloads are free, but to get full protection you’ll need to pay for a license after the trial expires.

Two companies offering trial mobile anti-virus software in the marketplace are Norton and McAfee. As Facebook pointed out, because of the licensing deal, users can only choose one or the other. Both products offer virus protection, remote lock and wipe, find my phone, and an ability to block unwanted texts and calls.

This improved security will help keep the site better protected from unwanted threats. Facebook launched the anti-virus marketplace six months ago and has since seen 30 million visitors.

Mike Stenger

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