What is a Dedicated Software Team, and Where to Hire One?

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In software development, a partnership model known as a dedicated development team is frequently utilized for remote client collaboration. The best option for established businesses and growing startups are hiring a dedicated development team.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the dedicated team model and how it differs from other team formats. I’ll also offer advice on when to hire a dedicated development team and when to look for alternatives.

What is a Dedicated Team Model?

A dedicated software team is a collaboration model in which a client and an outsourced development team work together for a long time. This, along with the fixed price (FP) and time and material (T&M) models, is among the most well-liked collaboration models. When you hire dedicated teams, you get a group of experts chosen especially for your company’s objectives. This model is similar to an in-house team, which is technically your company’s employees.

Your dedicated development team can include a wide range of specialists like:

  • Front-end and back-end,

  • Full-stack engineers,

  • Mobile developers;

  • UX/UI designers;

  • DevOps engineers;

  • Quality assurance specialists;

  • Business analysts;

  • Product managers;

  • Marketing specialist;

  • Sales;

  • Project managers.

Dedicated Development Team Vs Fixed Price

The decent cost coordinated effort model is a system where a client pays a concurred measure of cash no matter the hours worked or task finished. This mode works best for short-term projects with specific requirements and work scopes.

From the perspective of the cofounder, the risk of overpayment is the primary drawback of the fixed price model. It’s only sometimes possible to accurately predict the duration and scope of work. In contrast to fixed contracts, the dedicated team model gives you the flexibility and room for growth you need without overpaying.

Dedicated Development Team Vs Time and Material

Even though the Time & Material model provides you with the space necessary for in-depth research and development, it does not guarantee that you will collaborate with the same team throughout the project.

If a few experts need more undertakings on your venture, they can be named to another task. On the other hand, the advantage of a dedicated team model lies in its dedication. When you hire a dedicated development team, you get a team that only works on your project and is not required to take on other tasks.

When Should You Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

  • You Are a Startup

Consider hiring a dedicated development team if you are a young startup that is expected to expand. It will enable you to form a team quickly, save money on hiring procedures, and accelerate product development.

  • You Have Specific Requirement

It may take months of tests and interviews to finally settle down because the discovery phase establishes the foundation for the project’s development mechanism. You won’t have to worry about overspending because the dedicated team model gives you time and resources to concentrate on the discovery phase.

  • You Focus on Long-Term Cooperation

The model of a dedicated team works well for complicated, long-term projects that have the potential to grow. New companies that pass the pre-seed stage and have to develop quickly can profit from recruiting a devoted improvement group. You will be able to scale the product quickly, save money on hiring and firing, and gain access to world-class developers within a dedicated team.

When NOT to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

  1. You Have Short-Term Tasks

You don’t have to employ committed improvement groups for little ventures with precise and characterized prerequisites. A group must carry out the assigned tasks when the work scope is clearly defined. In this scenario, a fixed-price model is ideal for short-term projects, whereas the Time Material strategy is ideal for medium-term businesses.

  1. You Are on the Tight Budget

At the point when your software cost is wholly fixed, choosing a committed group model isn’t the most intelligent thought. Sometimes, a full-time designer or project manager is optional. A fixed-price model is sufficient to achieve the desired outcome in this instance.

  1. The Project Scope is Fully Defined

You should avoid hiring a dedicated development team if your project has a strict execution plan, all features are figured out, and there is no room for compromise. Depending on the project size, you should choose either a fixed-price or a time-and-material model.

How Much Dedicated Software Development Team Cost?

Here are some ways hiring a dedicated development team can help cut costs. In a dedicated team, the pricing model is relatively straightforward. Since you employ a team, each employee gets paid according to their work hours. The only thing you pay for is this. There are no additional costs for a team to rent an office, acquire equipment, pay taxes, or pay electricity bills. In addition, hiring a dedicated software development team is significantly less expensive and takes much less time than searching for each specialist independently with the HR team.


In conclusion, a dedicated team is the best choice for projects with numerous ambiguous requirements: hopeful new companies and advancing tech organizations. The dedicated partnership is the best option for businesses seeking long-term collaboration regarding optimal cost and the inclusion of selected professionals. With that in mind, you can decide if you need to hire a development team specifically for your project.



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