Facebook Promotes Autism Awareness By Sharing Anti-Vaccine Celeb Jenny McCarthy

Autism Awareness day

Remember when Jenny McCarthy was famous for something other than saying crazy shit? When she was just known for being the Playboy Model turned actress? Those were good times, simpler times, as they say.

Now, it is impossible to look at her without thinking of her well-known stance on childhood vaccines. Namely, that they are the cause of Autism and children shouldn’t take them. Not only is her stance incorrect and the promotion of it dangerous to public health, it is also offensive to the Autistic community. So when Facebook promoted one of her posts about Autism Awareness Day. Understandably, people weren’t happy.

The picture was posted by Jenny McCarthy, stating “We Support Autism Awareness Day 2014, Please Like and Share” and was then shared on the page Non-Profits on Facebook. Today, (April 2nd) is Autism awareness day. Before the end of the day, after a number of users complained, it was taken off of the Non-Profits on Facebook page (but remains on Jenny McCarthy’s Facebook page).

There is nothing wrong with that post itself, but her promotion of the Vaccines causing autism conspiracy got users up in arms and brought the kind of buzz the Non-Profits on Facebook page probably didn’t want.

As for what Jenny McCarthy is doing when she isn’t endangering America’s youth with her conspiracy theories? Apparently, appearing on The View topless.

[Photo Credit: MingleMediaTVNetwork]

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