Breitbart Contributor Pat Dollard: The Time To Slaughter All Muslims Is Almost Here

At least four people were killed today during a shooting at Fort Hood. And according to Breitbart contributor Pat Dollard, millions of Muslims should be added to that death toll.

Dollard took to Twitter as news was breaking about the Fort Hood shooting to say that it was almost time for Americans to start slaughtering all Muslims.

pat dollard

Dollard’s comments were initially tied to the Fort Hood shooting but the Brietbart contributor insists that his message had nothing to do with today’s shooting.

OK… so does that make this comment OK? Does the fact that the shooter was identified as SPC Ivan Lopez mean that Americans can wait a little while longer before slaughtering all Muslims?

Dollard’s comment may have been taken out of context but that does not make the message any less disgusting. But maybe I’m just bored. After all, Pat Dollard claims that no one should have taken that tweet seriously in the first place.

USA Today reports that four people, including the shooter, were killed today during the shooting at Fort Hood and another 14 people were injured. The shooting comes about five years after the deadliest domestic military attack in U.S. History. On November 5, 2009, army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan killed 13 and injured more than 30 more at Fort Hood.

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