Instagram Ads Cost Up To $1 Million Per Month [Report]

Instagram Ads

Instagram is still testing ads with select partners, and it’s been a mystery as far as how much those ads are running companies.

According to a new report from Ad Age, the ads can run up to $1 million per month, says one executive. However, two other executives were quoted at $500,000 and “around $350,000 to $450,000.”

Either way, there’s no official figure as Instagram takes into account data such as gender, age, how often an ad is shown and total reach.

The social network declined to comment on its ad pricing, and here’s a list of companies currently involved in the test program:

-Ben & Jerry’s
-General Electric
-Michael Kors

Last week, Taco Bell took part in advertising its new breakfast menu on Instagram, and the fast food giant even posted a video taking a slight jab at rival McDonald’s:

AdAge does note that it’s uncertain if advertisers “are re-upping” their deals, and we still have yet to learn when ads will be rolling out to more companies.

However, based on the $100 million advertising deal Instagram inked with media agency Omnicom last month, everything appears to be going according to plan.

Photo credit: Ricardo Bernardo

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