Benefits of Investing in a Triple Monitor for Laptop for Game Testers

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Ever since the rapid growth of the games industry, the number of games being developed by big-name companies has increased by a drastic amount to keep up with the progressively increasing amount of gamers that are now popping up in this technologically driven era.

Due to this, many positions are now opening up throughout these organizations to keep up with this increased demand for gaming which has spread throughout the globe. Amongst these different positions, one of them in particular, which seems to have increased in demand quite a bit, is the position of a game tester.

As the name suggests, this occupation involves playing through the entire game before it releases to the general public. This may sound straightforward and a dream for many gamers, but it is not as simple as the job description implies.

Game testers are required to perform many tasks and formulate detailed reports, which is why many companies in the market have started to supply their game testers with a triple monitor for laptops due to the positive changes in productivity and workflow they have witnessed with the help of products like the Trio triple monitor for laptop from Mobile Pixels.

Let us explore this in more detail, highlighting some of the benefits of a triple monitor setup for game testers.

The Benefits

  • Making Reports at a Faster Rate

As discussed earlier, one of the main responsibilities of game testers is to generate reports regarding every game they are playing, which are sent over to the concerned departments at the end of the day.

These reports, which they make throughout the day, must be incredibly detailed, performing various tests on every aspect of the game and recording whatever result they witness in their reports.

 Furthermore, they have to record findings of different bugs and technical trouble they possibly come across while conducting these tests, which is why a multi-screen setup is necessary to efficiently record these bugs and glitches.

When conducting these reports, there are countless tests for each element of the game, no matter how minor it is, that need to be mentioned in the report. Working with such conditions, if game testers have only one screen at their disposal, they would constantly have to switch back and forth to disrupt their entire workflow and act as constant interruptions to their train of thought.

This would result in less efficiency when formulating their reports due to the constant tab switching. Not only would that, but this constant switching over also slows down their typing speed when forming these reports.

However, with a multiple-screen laptop setup at their disposal, they could easily work on their reports and record findings while going through the game, which would cause a bump in productivity, allowing game testers to work with double the speed.

  • Improved Efficiency When Recording Bugs and Glitches

When testing a game, a notable glitch or bug often appears for a split second before it disappears.

Even though a list of incredibly specific actions leads to the occurrence of this bug, it is still a source of technical trouble which needs to be recorded and mentioned in their reports.

When dealing with such a situation and only having a single monitor for use, game testers would have to recreate the entire bug once again so that they could keep in mind the actions that resulted in the bug to add to their report, resulting in them having to lose a huge chunk of time.

However, having a triple monitor for laptop can prove to be incredibly beneficial to the game testers in this situation, allowing them to monitor the bug and input the information right away into their reports, essentially allowing them to be able to record their findings even for the trickiest of actions without needing game testers to recreate them in certain ways.

  • More Bugs Caught

Another great advantage for game testers to have a triple monitor for laptop at their disposal is that it allows them to catch more bugs instead of having a single-screen setup.

Playing on a multi-screen laptop setup would allow them to monitor the game at all times, potentially allowing them to catch bugs that can occur during the time that they might not be playing the game, and the more bugs they catch, the more optimized the end product is capable of becoming.


The triple monitor for laptop is an invention that has become a game changer for industries everywhere. That also means game testers, allowing them to multitask and work more efficiently. 


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