Jonny Craig Denies Heroin Rumors, Posts Drug Test On YouTube

heroine singer

Jonny Craig isn’t doing heroin and he’s got the piss test to prove it.

The musician has battled addiction in the past and according to his ex-girlfriend he relapsed over the weekend. An Instagram video posted to the site Stuff You Will Hate reportedly showed Craig doing heroin. The video has been removed and Craig is now out to prove that he hasn’t relapsed.

Craig posted a video on Instagram and told his fans that he was going to take a drug test to prove that he hasn’t been using.

Craig writes: “Just woke up to a nice surprise from the ex so I’m headed right down to the office to prove to you guys without a doubt im not using and that those videos are old. She’s crossed a line and needs to get it through her head that this isn’t the way you deal with someone not loving you anymore. So let’s go! I have nothing to hide.”

And Craig didn’t disappoint. After sharing a few more thoughts on Twitter …

… He took a drug test to prove that he hasn’t been taking drugs. If you want to watch a video of Jonny Craig peeing into the cup, by all means, sit back, relax, and enjoy the next five minutes.

Craig has played with several bands over the course of his career, including Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa and Ghost Runner on Third. He is now working as a solo artist and, according to the photo below, he’s also been staying clean.

Craig’s management at the Artery Foundation told the Alt Press that the video posted this morning was “obviously old.”

The Artery Foundation said: “These are obviously really old video’s as well. He has recently went through a bad break up with his girlfriend of the past couple of years and she has gone completely crazy on him threatening to kill herself, and doing whatever she can to harm him, etc. JC has been on a medication called suboxone for quite some time which is a narcotic blocker which doesn’t even allow him to get high.”

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