AwesomenessTV Acquires YouTube MCN Big Frame


YouTube multi-channel network Maker Studios was confirmed to be acquired by Disney last week, and today Big Frame joins the team at AwesomenessTV.

AwesomenessTV was acquired for $33 million back in May 2013 by DreamWorks, and this latest acquisition is said to be worth $15 million in cash.

Big Frame currently supports over 300 YouTube channels spread across 39 million subscribers, and its network receives nearly one billion views per month.

Here are just a few YouTube personalities currently on its roster:

-DeStorm Power
-Jimmy Tatro
-Tyler Oakley

From AwesomenessTV COO Brett Bouttier:

“With AwesomenessTV committed to aggressive growth, the acquisition of Big Frame enables us to bring on expertise in talent development as well as a great group of YouTube stars.”

Big Frame was launched in 2011 by Steve Raymond and Sarah Penna, and AwesomenessTV CEO Brian Robbins says the two “have a great track record for identifying and developing talent.”

“We believe that working together we can build talent brands that will transcend YouTube.”

The acquisition is expected to close by the end of April, and AwesomenessTV also plans on repaying some debt that Big Frame has collected over the past couple years.

Let’s just hope that Yahoo doesn’t woo some of its major YouTube creators away before then.

Mike Stenger

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