How to Structure LinkedIn Connection Messages for Optimal Sales

Marketing is an intensive experience that relies on individual effective steps toward achieving common business targets. However, the age of computers and social media presents a challenge in attracting active users and luring them towards your brand. Consequently, innovative marketing strategies exist to overcome the existing bottleneck.

LinkedIn Helper provides unrivaled automation and sales tools that increase lead conversion rates in revenue creation. The software comes with a LinkedIn connection message functionality allowing efficient outreach to prospects with product news.

Best Practice when Using the Connection Messages

The following strategies are effective when using the automated connection messages features to lure prospects:

Message customization

The connection message should take on a personalized tone for every prospect targeted by the messages. The trick is to deploy automation such as the mail merge feature, which lifts unique prospect details and relevant optics for specific individuals. Addressing each person uniquely instead of sending a general message works magic in convincing prospects about your attention to diverse needs.

LinkedIn connection messages take on a simple structure, with the general body containing the subject you wish the prospect to absorb. It then allows for the target-specific data insertion for each prospect to capture attention and establish rapport.

Defined CRM goals

The second point is to include the best customer relationship management (CRM) elements within the connection message you intend to deploy. CRM implies using your business mailbox to engage your prospects and consumers individually and collectively constantly. The first CRM strategy to adopt using your marketing messages is to establish interest in the prospect’s behavior and needs. Consequently, you can send messages with details of your customized products that solve such needs.

Additionally, you can improve your CRM outcomes by scheduling regular messages into client mailboxes to keep their awareness of new product updates they should consider. Your marketing provider will ensure to attach auto-messages to relevant LinkedIn connections to ensure timely campaign executions. Finally, a reachable customer support desk will suffice when handling customer concerns and complaints about product quality.

Event promotion

When you invest in a competitive event promotion to improve product awareness, your automation strategy will have better revenue returns. Let your consumers know via connection messages that speak highly of scheduled events that will allow clients to understand product use and benefits better. The best way is to use the tools auto invitation feature to send messages to multiple recipients’ mailboxes. You reduce the redundancy of using your employees to send one message at a time.

Lead conversion and sales

Make sure to be direct with your intention to convert your prospects into buyers who can benefit from products on your shelves. The LinkedIn Helper tool allows you to use connection messages to request client consent for subscription messages via special interfaces. They let you create messages that convince prospects and regulars to oblige to your call to purchase naturally.


The LinkedIn Helper messaging tool provides a suitable marketing automation platform to transform your campaigns for elevated profits. The unique connection message feature is unparalleled for better message creation and personalization. Clients receive automated but organic messages created using connection messages which allow the merging of client details for unique recipients. Consequently, the benefit of deploying the tool is visible in eventual sales increases due to optimal leads witnessed.



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