BBM Gets Stickers, But They’re Not All Free


BlackBerry announced BBM hit 85 million monthly active users last week, and the messaging app is rolling out sticker packs to all supported platforms.

Unlike Facebook Messenger, users will have to shell out $1.99 for exclusive sticker packs, and each pack contains 20 to 25.

Sticker packs can be purchased inside the app through the BBM Shop, and BlackBerry has teamed up with such names as the WWE and Shaun the Sheep.

In fact, the WWE plans on giving away its own stickers sometime around Wrestlemania 30, so that’ll help wrestling fans save a couple bucks.

The update should have made its way to most devices, and here’s what else users can expect:

-Send larger files (up to 16MB on BlackBerry 10, Android and iPhone) so you can share higher quality photos, longer videos and bigger attachments

-Share pictures in multi-person chats making it easy to send a pic several people and chat about it together

From emojis throwing up to a sheep jamming out, it’s now easier than ever to communicate without saying a word.

This is BlackBerry’s first attempt at monetizing BBM, and with sticker packs, is following in the footsteps of LINE which earned over $31 million from sticker sales in Q3 2013 alone.

Would you pay $1.99 for stickers to send to your friends?

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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