8 Types of Social Media Content That Drive the Most Engagement

Engagement on social media is critical when you are trying to build a solid relationship between your brand and your customers. It will strengthen loyalty to your brand and kick-start word-of-mouth marketing.

But getting your customers to engage on social media is tricky. Views are easy to get, but interactions are not. The right mix of social media content can mean the difference between merely present followers and fully engaged followers.

To help businesses struggling with this dilemma, we’ll look at eight types of social media content that drive engagement.

Informational Content

If you provide valuable information, people will save it and pass it on to others. Ebooks, guides, white papers, and other downloadable material can build a lot of engagement because they can provide more information for followers and appeal to their rationality.

You can determine which content your customers consider valuable by looking at which blog posts and social media content they currently download or comment on. Then you can go ahead and expand on that content and educate your followers on why your product is worth their time.

Content that Starts a Conversation

A great way to build more engagement is with open-ended content. You don’t always have to just talk “at” your audience. You can ask them a question. Asking your customers for their opinions will start a conversation between you and your followers and build loyalty.

When coming up with social media ideas, think of ways to get your audience involved. It can be as formal as a quiz or poll or as simple as asking a question.

Memorable Content

Getting your audience to see your social media post is the first step. Having them engage with it is the next. If they remember your posts hours or days later, you have reached the point where your audience will tell their friends.

The best way to make a post memorable is by making it emotional. Humorous and inspirational content often works well. Adding a vanity phone number will help followers remember to call you when they remember your post.

Visual Content

A picture is worth 1,000 words. It is trite, but it is true, especially in your social media posts. According to Inc., posts containing images produce 650% higher engagement than those containing text.

Instead of putting a bunch of statistics in the text, create an infographic that visually tells the story of the data. When creating social media and blog posts, always add graphics that catch the reader’s eye and draw them to the center.

Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways will also build engagement if you are giving away something relevant to your target audience. If your product is the giveaway, even better because you will attract potential customers interested in what you offer. Include commenting or sharing in the process to spread your contest even further.

Video Content

Every business should incorporate video into its social media content. People consume video content more thoroughly than any other type and want to see more video content in the future.

And you don’t need a whole production studio or a large budget to create videos. Your business can create high-quality videos with a smartphone or use software to turn informational slides into videos.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is content created by users of your brand. When your users tell other people about your brand, they listen. 79% of people say that UGC impacts their decision to buy.

This can begin simply as reviews and testimonials, but you can build even more social proof with pictures and videos of your customer using your products.

Livestreams and Webinars

Another type of social media that is popular is live streams or webinars. Many social media platforms have live-streaming capabilities, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and more. When you show a human face, it can increase customer loyalty and create trust.

Nine out of 10 marketers who have hosted a webinar said that it was effective, which makes it the most praised video marketing channel. Setting a webinar date and having users sign up early build excitement and word of mouth. Holding a Q&A session at the end builds even more engagement.


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