Get Hungry For Two New Original Series From Netflix, Including ‘Sizzling Bacon’

Sizzling Bacon

This is not a joke. Okay, it is a joke, but not one I made up. This is Netflix’s doing and its probably the funniest, cruelest April Fool’s Joke of the day. Netflix originals have been killing it since their introduction but these two originals, released special for April Fool’s Day, bring the term “food porn” to a whole new level.

If you have ever wanted to watch Bacon cook for twenty minutes without the satisfying payoff of actually getting to eat it, now is your chance. Netflix has released two “originals” that take their name very literally.

Sizzling Bacon is twenty-something uninterrupted minutes of bacon cooking in a pan. If that isn’t enough satisfy get you, Netflix is also serving up Rotisserie Chicken, a captivating one hour and fifteen minute feature film of, a rotisserie chicken cooking in reverse.


Netflix April Fools

Obviously, this is Netflix pulling a fast one on us. I admit, I must have watched Sizzling Bacon for a minute and a half before I realized nothing else was coming. I’m not sure what I was expecting when I turned on Sizzling Bacon but I didn’t anticipate the world’s most appetizing alternative to Hypnotoad

There is still another hour and fifteen minutes left of April Fool’s Day, so someone still has time to prank me better than this, but it is going to be hard to top.

Ian DeMartino

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