Justin Bieber Pranked On Twitter, Followers Pretend To Be His Mom

Justin Bieber on stage during a concert

April Fools’ Day can bring the funny, the crazy, and the just plain creepy out of people. For some unknown reason, the millions of Bieber Twitter followers all pretended to be his mom.

Display names were changed to Pattie Mallette and each participant uploaded her official picture as their own avatar. Selena, we are all waiting patiently for your contribution. Poor Justin didn’t know what to think:

Apparently to Beliebers, romantic gestures start with having a crush, pursuing that crush, and if that fails, pretend to be the woman who gave him life. This gives a whole new definition mommy issues. If any bored DJ wants to remix any of Justin’s hit songs to include Mom, we can really raise the stakes here.

With tomorrow being Pattie’s actual birthday, the world may see an end if these children get any more ideas. The strangest part is searching “Pattie Mallette” seeing her name, face, and a “colorful” variation of tweets created by youths around the world:



There are only a few hours left of April Fools’ Day 2014 and anything is possible with millions of teenagers sitting behind a computer screen. Never say never, amiright?

Photo credit: NRK P3


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