Why your small business needs mapping software

Mapping software allows businesses of all sizes to learn more about their customers, sales teams, functioning, and company. For many companies, data mapping software will take the customer and location data and turn it into an interactive map that’s easy to understand. Users can create their map within minutes, uploading their spreadsheet directly into the software.

As most business data contains geographic components, not using mapping applications as part of your intelligence development could mean missing out on valuable details. Location-based details could include sales data, potential leads, or supplier locations. Trying to make the most out of this information is impossible when looking at written data within a database.

Mapping software can help your company turn static data into an easy-to-read visual. Users can plot critical data points on a map to determine trends and new opportunities previously masked in spreadsheets. Data visualization can easily share among team members and establish a more effective business plan.

How Small Businesses can use Mapping Software

Start by finding the best online mapping software for your company’s needs. Look for integrated features, complete with easily customizable settings. The mapping software you use should allow a business to:

Map Customer Locations and Sales Information

Identify where customer hotspots exist, along with lacking coverage within territories. A demographics overlay can help businesses locate untapped markets too. Users can access, edit, update, or delete information about consumers directly from the dashboard. Small business owners can track and monitor their growth from the beginning, identifying new areas of interest and hotspots that develop early on.

Group Data According to Geographic Areas

A customizable boundary tool will add territories and service areas to your data, enabling business owners to analyze details according to customer location. Boundary maps incorporate geographic boundaries like counties, zip codes, states, etc. Alternatively, programs with a custom territory functionality allow business owners to determine their parameters for territories. As the small business grows, mapping software allows expansion or redevelopment of the regions to match your growth.

Establish More Effective Marketing Materials

Look for online mapping software that allows exporting of maps from the program. Integrated functionality should include saving images directly for alternative use. Small business owners can incorporate maps into marketing materials, Microsoft presentations, emails, or online photos for a cohesive design. For a small business, developing a professional brand is essential. Make sure all marketing materials match throughout different platforms, as building trust starts with the image you present to your prospective clients.

Map Business Locations

When choosing your physical location, locating direct competitors can influence your success overall. Directly plot the specific addresses of your offices and stores or use the mapping function to find direct competitors within a certain distance. A radius function can help users define service areas, identify territories, and uncover new expansions within a map.

Automatic Route Optimization

Always look for software that integrates with Google Maps to facilitate any sales or logistic concerns moving forward. Users can import all data with current clients and prospective leads, helping sales representatives organize their day. Route optimization functionality will take all qualified stops and automatically create a list of deliveries or appointments according to travel time. Early development of delivery routes can be catastrophic for small businesses, especially in areas they need to become more familiar with. Having route optimization can improve the overall functioning of your business, including the initial development of your delivery routes.


Using online mapping software to uncover hidden insights is valuable to companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises. Although many small businesses believe they need to grow before capitalizing on mapping software, early integration can offer seamless expansion. Find a mapping solution that works to grow your business instead of one that will limit your potential with conditions.

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