8 Things to Consider Before Bathroom Plumbing Renovations

If you’re considering plumbing renovations, there are a few things to consider before diving in. Like any other project involving your home, it is essential to understand the scope of work and potential risks before committing to large-scale renovations. Let’s look at some points homeowners should consider before plumbing renovations.

1. Design Layout

The plumbers in Geelong will ask you to decide if you want to renovate the entire building or simply need renovation. Before starting, one must ensure that the layout serves as a template for you and the contractor. The contractor you employ would always share your perspective; thus, always settle on your layout with the contractor to ensure understanding.

2. Specific Budget

Having a set spending limit is crucial; otherwise, you risk spending more without being satisfied, not receiving your money’s worth, and eventually calling emergency plumbing services in Geelong. The quality of the product can get analysed with budget allocation. Since the market has many bathroom fixtures and accessories, you can choose according to your preference. Depending on the type of bathroom you have—whether it’s a full bathroom with a sink, toilet, shower, and tub, or a half bathroom with a sink, shower (in some cases), and a toilet.

Some people opt for an opulent look creating a soothing and revitalising experience for their bathroom by having it in the primary bedroom or suite. To finish a project on schedule and according to the client’s requirements, factors including labour costs, materials, and qualified contractors are essential.

3. Ventilation

When remodelling a restroom, professional plumbers recommend thinking about ventilation. It is a notion that gets overlooked. However, a bathroom should ideally have enough ventilation. Therefore, a large window is considered an appropriate solution; however, if there isn’t enough room in your bathroom for a window; you must install a bathroom exhaust. The exhaust must get evaluated based on its exhaustion capacity (the amount of air that can transport each minute) and noise level.

4. Flooring

Choosing the correct bathroom flooring is essential for the room’s safety and appearance. The ability of the flooring to resist the rigours of everyday use is critical when choosing the proper flooring. It should be strong enough not to break and not too slick so that someone may fall and be wounded. A large selection of bathroom flooring is available, from ceramic and porcelain tile to luxury vinyl plank, vinyl tiles, and sheet vinyl flooring. There are also options for vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl planks, ceramic and porcelain tile, and sheet vinyl flooring.

Geelong plumbers say it also needs to be set out correctly underneath the faucets and showers; it will prevent the water from pooling there. When layering the floor, pay attention to the type of flooring and how the tiles get placed so that your bathroom has total  consistency and safety. Larger tiles are challenging to slope appropriately towards the drainage and create less friction than the smaller ones.

5. Efficiency

A leaking wall or faucet is undoubtedly bad if you have spent a lot of money on the best faucets or building supplies. But according to plumbers in Geelong, one must remember that defective plumbing is frequently to blame for leaks. Plumbing is the most crucial component of bathroom renovations since it determines whether the space has to get remodelled or if a few new fixtures would suffice. Residential plumbing typically employs one 12-inch pipe for drains; however, it is advised that one pick 2-inch pipes for shower drain as they transport a lot of sludge and hair, which increases the likelihood of clogs.

6. Storage

The bathroom’s interior should also have storage and hanging spaces to maximise space and give the impression that it is well-organised. You may store your vanity items and necessities in the bathroom if you have a recessed cabinet. Additionally, a drawer under the sink is frequently an ideal location to store additional products. You can ask your 24/7 emergency plumbers in Geelong to make room for hanging bathroom accessories. This way, even if you don’t have a place for storage units, you can still make use of the walls by adding things like towel racks, soap dishes, tumbler holders, and robe hooks.

7. Tile Type

The countless tile samples your contractor will show you are unnecessary; all you need to know are a few essential types. In the bathroom, porcelain, glass, natural stone, and subway tile are the types of tile that are incredibly resilient, long-lasting and classic. Once you’ve narrowed your selections down to these tried-and-true choices, you may pick a colour and a form and move forward.

8. Grout

Grout is a tiny and often overlooked feature of home renovation projects. It is a crucial feature that tightens an installation’s structural integrity, shuts out dirt and water, and accounts for slight size variations between individual tiles. Here are some questions you must ask yourself –

  • How do you pick the proper grout for your bathroom?
  • Do you like it if the grout contrasts with the tile or if it blends in?
  • What colour should it be?

The grout may be in a high-splash area or a relatively dry area. So, choose synthetic grout if it will be often wet, such as in a shower cubicle; choose cementitious grout anywhere else.

Schedule Bathroom Renovation with Your Local Plumbing

Plumbing renovations can be an exciting undertaking that can add tremendous value and convenience to your home life—but only if you proceed cautiously! By understanding the intricacies of the project, knowing the location of your plumbing system, and being aware of any potential hazards, you’ll save time and money in the long run! With these considerations in mind, you can have all the information you need to choose the best plumbing renovation project!

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