10 Warnings You Often Hear from Electricians

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you have likely encountered electrical issues that require professional attention. Dealing with electricals is inevitable as it is an everyday necessity.

But before we jump into what electricians in Langwarrin can do for you, let’s take a step back and look at the most common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to electricity.

Here are 10 things electricians wish they could warn you about.

1. Never Neglect Warning Signs

The most crucial advice any electrician will give you is to never, ever disregard the warning indicators that anything is wrong with your electrical system. Take every issue seriously, whether it is a popping sound coming from an outlet, a light switch that becomes very warm, or a breaker that won’t reset.

Fortunately, most electrical problems may be fixed if they are not left to worsen. So, always have an eye on the warning signs your electrical systems send you. And if necessary, call your electrician immediately.

2. Overloading Outlets

The second thing that your electrician wants to tell you is not to overload the outlets.

It may be tempting to plug in as many appliances as possible into one outlet, but this is an incredibly dangerous practice. It can result in overloaded circuits and even fires. Therefore, make sure not to overload your outlets with too many devices at once.

3. Limit Your DIY Electrical Work

Just as you should not play with the fire, you should not experiment with electricity. It is one of the areas that needs clear expertise and experience.

There are some basic electrical tasks, such as changing light bulbs or replacing switches, that can be done without any help from an electrician. But anything more complex should always be left to the professionals.

Ignoring this rule can lead to serious safety risks for both your property and yourself.

4. Old Wiring Can Be Dangerous

Older homes often have old wiring, which may not be up to code with current standards. It makes them unsafe for use today and could even lead to shorts or fires if not properly maintained or replaced by a certified electrician.

If you live in an old home that needs electrical re-wiring, do it pronto. It is the worst thing to postpone.

5. Don’t Mess With Circuit Breakers

While it’s okay to switch off the main circuit breaker if there’s an emergency, otherwise leave this job alone, as messing with circuit breakers can lead to serious injury or death if not handled correctly by an experienced professional electrician.

6. Don’t Hang Items From Light Fixtures

Hanging anything from ceiling light fixtures, such as plants or decorations, places extra strain on the wires and connections, which could cause shorts in the system.

This is why it is important to keep all items away from electrical fixtures, including chandeliers, wall sconces, outdoor fixtures, etc.

7. Don’t Put Electrical Cords Under Carpets

It may seem like a convenient way of concealing cords from view, but unfortunately, it traps heat, eventually damaging the cord over time. It leads to potential shorts in your system.

So, always make sure that cords are properly routed around furniture instead of underneath carpets where possible.

8. Don’t Use Space Heaters in Bathrooms

Although space heaters are great for providing extra warmth during cold winter months, they should never be used near water sources such as bathrooms. It is because they present far too much risk due to their close proximity to water sources while also being plugged into electrical outlets nearby.

There is a risk of electrocution if electric heaters are used in the home, close to water. Most electric heaters lack a safeguard against electrocution if water comes into contact with the device. For this reason, bathrooms shouldn’t have electric heaters.

9. You Shouldn’t Tape or Hold Down the Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers function because they interrupt the circuit! If a breaker continually pops, the issue has to be identified and fixed.

The hazardous conditions will only worsen if you tape a breaker down and you will be setting yourself up for a big catastrophe. At all costs, resist forcing the breaker to retain contact since doing so would only lead to calamity.

10. White is Not Always Neutral, Nor is Black Always Alive

We are aware that they go against industry standards. However, your electrician knows how vast and intricate a home’s electrical system is.

Your home’s electrical system might have been worked on by different individuals, many of whom lacked the vital training or abided by the code. So, if you open an electrical outlet, you can discover a nest of wires, wire nuts, and electrical tape.

You may still work on it, but you need to be cautious and avoid making any unfounded conclusions. Always make sure a line is dead before moving forward using a non-contact voltage tester.


Taking care of your home’s electrical system can help prevent costly repairs down the line, save energy costs, and keep you safe from potential harm caused by improper use of electricity in your home or business environment.


By understanding these 10 things electricians warn you about, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home’s electrical system is functioning properly and safely every day!


Whenever there is an electrical situation in your home, call your electrician rather than dirty your hands. They are professionals, so they know how to handle the situation. But your regular Langwarrin electrician may be out of reach on some days; thus, it is also better to have a few alternatives.


One of our recommendations is Direct Point Electrical. Check out their page and bookmark, as it might come in handy during emergencies.


Final word: be extra careful with electricity.

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