Miley Cyrus And Avril Lavigne Duke It Out In Instagram Video

Miley Cyrus sticks out tongue

April Fools’ Day is in full swing and celebrities wasted no time posting pranks. Avril Lavigne hasn’t been this “Complicated” since 2002 while Miley Cyrus continues to have the “Best of Both Worlds.”

Who knew the title for Most Famous Person in Canada was worth fighting for? *Waits for Drake and Bieber to get upset and start throwing syrup around their kitchens*

The hilarious Instagram video shows a homemade magazine ruling Avril Queen of Oot and Aboot Land. Bangerz goddess gets right to the point admitting she isn’t a true native but has successfully steamrolled Canada, much like other countries, with wrecking balls and tongue selfies.

It doesn’t take long for Miley to stand her ground, lose her temper, and throw the first bitch slap. Too bad the video wasn’t longer. A girl fight is hilarious to watch, even fake ones. Where was the hair pulling? Nail scratching? Biting? Though the video is a total joke, we still don’t know who is the “Most Famous, Beautiful, and Popular” in Canada.

Who do you think wins? On another note, who wants to buy that hand crafted magazine?

Photo Credit: rocor


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