More Subscribers on YouTube: Easy Way to Become More Featured Channel

YouTube is going to be a very important marketing channel in the future. It has become an excellent way for brands to gain attention online for numerous reasons, including for shopping, producing unique content and building brand information for services. 

However, to make a success of your brand on YouTube, you need to get more subscribers. In this guide, we are going to give you the best options for building more subscribers on YouTube so you can become a featured channel in no time at all.

1. Get a Helping Hand

The first thing that you need to do is to ensure you’re utilizing all your current friends, family, customers, staff, etc. to ensure that you’ve got a good start. Ask these people to subscribe to your channel. 

The more people that you get to start subscribing to your content, the more people it will attract, after all a site that already has 100 or 200 followers will look more attractive than one with just a couple of dozen.

Some people start their YouTube channel after other social media channels, so starting with your followers there can also be a great option. For example, you can buy subscribers for YouTube, and you can get subs for cheap with this service.

2. Ask for Subscriptions

What do all successful brands on YouTube have in common? They ensure they ask new viewers to subscribe to their channel. This action is very simply done by asking the viewer to subscribe to the channel at the beginning and at the end of the video. 

They will also ask the audience to take other actions such as ‘liking’ the video, commenting and sharing. The more engagement that you have on your video, the more likely it is that your channel will be featured. To make this work, ask for subscriptions:

  • At the beginning of the video.
  • Somewhere in the middle.
  • And as part of your closing lines.

3. Collaboration

Another way many YouTubers get new subscribers is by using collaborations with other YouTube brands. There are lots of ways that this can be of benefit. For one, you’re being exposed to new audiences, which can help you attract new followers, but collaborations also act as a social proof for your brand. 

As such, you can build some credible audiences. Collaborations can also be a great way for you to get fresh content ideas and refresh your look. There are numerous brands that will work with up and coming YouTubers. Target more successful brands with your collaborations. 

Collaborations should also have value with the same videos. So you should try to promote their channel at the same time. Music artists collaborate all the time.

4. Giveaways

One of the classic options for building audiences on YouTube is to host giveaways on your channel. Many brands promise that they will run a giveaway when they reach so many subscribers, or they will do a monthly giveaway where fans who’ve subscribed that month are provided with a chance to win a prize. 

Giveaways are an excellent option because they appeal to human nature by winning competitions. Giveaways can be run manually, but this can be very time-consuming. There are other options, like online software that can hold names and then reveal winners.

5. Social Media Postings

You should also use your current social media channels to bring in new audiences. Posting your videos on channels like Facebook and Twitter to demonstrate your videos to other audiences. However, you don’t want to have audiences just watching the videos on other channels, you want to build an audience on YouTube. 

Therefore, you need to create promos on these social media channels and then direct audiences from your social media content to your YouTube channel. This can be an excellent option as you are already moving your fans, those that trust you, from one platform to the next.

6. Websites

SEO is going to be one of the fundamental options for you to build an audience online. Having your own website is one of the best ways to ensure your brand’s ability to bring in more audiences. For every video that you create, you should also write an accompanying blog post that has been optimized for the right keywords. 

Try to aim for one-two keywords per blog post as your main target and then try to aim for three or four minor keywords across the rest of the article. Keywords should be long-tail, meaning they are about three or four words. 

Keywords should also be added into different headings throughout the article. This is how several brands, like WhatCulture and others have made their fortunes on the platform.

7. Keywords on Videos

As well as having a blog post for every video you publish, you need to ensure that each video has the best keywords added to them. Keywords need to be inserted in several areas on the video including the title and description. 

Each video should have one single keyword. You can use online tools that can help you determine what keywords you need to be using on your videos. You want to have keywords that have large audiences searching for them but not a lot of competition. This option is a very hard balancing act.

8. Transcripts

If you want to be featured on YouTube, then you need to ensure that you’re inclusive with your audience. Having a transcript is vital for your performance. Transcripts are automatically created for you when you publish a video online, however, that doesn’t mean they are accurate. 

There are numerous problems with the transcripts, such as confusing words and inaccurate spellings. You need to write and publish these transcripts yourself and have them published to time using the closed captions options on the platform.

9. Publish Regularly

Regular publication of new content is vital for success. Research has shown that those brands that are publishing more than three videos per week are going to perform better than those brands publishing less often. There are several different aspects of publishing that are important. 

Not only should you be publishing on a regular basis, but it needs to be consistent. So if you tell audiences that you publish on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 am, you need to do that. To make this work, you should be creating content in advance.

10. Email Marketing

If you want to really want to build a loyal following, then you should try to build a strong email marketing list. Building a good list for your email marketing is going to help you promote content by sending your contacts an email every time you publish new content. 

Email marketing has one of the highest rates of conversion and it can also be a great way for you to build sales through sales of merchandising or sponsored content.

11. Publish High-Quality Videos

High-quality videos are the mainstay of the best content producers. There are numerous aspects about the best videos produced. Normally they’re done on top-quality equipment such as cameras, with good editing, sound and even some intros. 

These aspects create a polished video that looks professional and helps you to stand out from the crowd. As a result, you can start to use platforms like Patreon that allow you to collect regular payments from sponsors for producing content. You can also establish better connections, with more collaborations, features on other channels and more. 

And doing all of this doesn’t have to cost a lot. There is plenty of software out there which is very affordable and equipment can be purchased during sales as well. It just takes time and a little investment to get your videos produced to a high-enough level that people will find them worthwhile.


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