Add Sound To Your Selfies With Melodigram [Updated]


Updates: Added Information about Android support.

I have never looked at a picture and thought, “That is great, but it needs some sound!” or at least, I can’t remember ever thinking that. But Melodigram is going to let you do it anyway, and honestly, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

My first thought upon hearing of Melodigram was that it was a pretty dumb idea. But, their video (found below) converted me, making me think it could actually be a fun thing to play around with.

Someone in Finland apparently thought the same thing, as Minus Degree Mobile, the company behind Melodigram, has announced that it has secured €700,000 ($965,757) in funding by Finnish venture capitalist.

Rather than trying to become yet another social media site or messaging app, Melodigram is all about adding to the social experience you already have. You take a picture, record whatever sound you want, and then upload it to Facebook and Twitter, or send it through an SMS or email (Pintrest and Whatsapp are scheduled to join soon). You don’t even have to sign up for the service, downloading the app is enough. Minus Degree Mobile plans instead to eventually monetize on the app by allowing companies to run promotions and contests through the app, no selling of personal information needed.

The app is only available for iOS right now, we have reached out to Minus Degree Mobile about possible Android support and will update this page if we hear back from them. Update: Jonathan Massey, the CEO of Minus Degree Mobile has told us that an Android version is coming. Its current release date is in May. The Android version will come with “a few new features” that will also be added to the iOS app at that time.

[Photo Credit: Minus Degree Mobile]


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