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Your building is more than just a pretty facade. Where you set your business might mean success or failure. For example, when registering a business in Hong Kong (, it is not necessary to choose a luxurious room, but it is still worth choosing more convenient options for holding meetings.

Why is a good headquarters so important? Finding the proper one relies on your firm’s type, operations, staff size, etc. Consider these factors when you search for a permanent business site.

What sort of location do you require?

Your firm, like your home, needs a location that symbolizes its ideals. What your firm does and what you intend to achieve at its new location should guide your space choice. Your product needs a workshop? A corner storefront? Or a quiet office with several workstations and meeting rooms?

Depending on your response, you may specialize in malls, factories, or offices. Then, narrow your search.

Where do you think commercial buildings belong?

Your location may be essential. Ask yourself these questions to establish the location’s importance to your organization.

  • Where are my clients? If you have a storefront and interact with customers, find out where they live and hang out.
  • Where do my competitors reside? How close or far? Being in a group has benefits, but you may prefer being alone.
  • Where are my vendors?Local vendors may provide scale and efficiency improvements. Long-distance supply networks are costly and risky.
  • Where are my workers? If you want employees with particular abilities or certificates, make sure there’s a talent pool nearby. Working remotely isn’t always possible.
  • How are prices structured? Commercial real estate prices are location-dependent, like housing. Is your business’s location favorable to grants or incentives? Don’t let the price deceive you if the location is bad.
  • What amenities do we require? Consider your team’s needs in your daily routine. Train station proximity required? Where will this go? Is the setting right? (A breaker’s yard view from a restaurant isn’t ideal.)
  • What image should we project? How will you fund it?


Are there benefits to location? You may be near a business zone, which might give you tax savings and other benefits.

When it comes to premises, what details are most important?

Various businesses have different needs, and you may have some of your own. The right business property expert may be found after you know what you want.

Dimensions and arrangement

To avoid fast outgrowing your premises, you may estimate your space requirements by adding the number of existing workers to the number of employees you expect to hire in the future. Space-saving options like hot decking and flexible scheduling should be considered. While the efficiency and adaptability of standard, rectangular, open-plan areas make them ideal for most workplace needs, the peace and quiet of private offices make them preferable for others. Don’t forget to factor in extra room for things like storage, machinery, etc.

Conditions of Entry

Think about who will require access to your property and when they will need it. Some locations are accessible at all hours, while others are on the ground level or have many entrances. Those with mobility issues should verify that they have easy access.

Aesthetics and ease of use

In addition to making a positive impression on customers, the safety and aesthetic appeal of your building may have a significant impact on the morale and productivity of your staff. Having large windows has been linked to fewer sick days and more productivity.

Constitutional concerns

What are your plans for the area when you finally get possession? The process will be simplified if the property already has the necessary planning approvals for the intended use. It’s possible you’ll need to get fresh approval from the local government to utilize it for anything else. Check to see if you need any new licenses if your line of work falls within the purview of any government rules.

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