The Best Free Tours in Mexico City 

Tourism is a holiday activity enjoyed by foreigners or tourists. But even locals are not left behind. It is common that after watching your favorite movie, again, you end up thinking that there was something in it you had not seen before. This is how touring the city is: you can pass the same place several times and always end up with the feeling that there is something you have not visited or seen before.

That is why the best way to get to know a city is to walk through its streets, observe the corners of the corridors and look around the corner. You may discover something new that can take you to a great place. Of course, going in the company of someone like a guide who specializes in walking tours in Mexico City who knows the secrets and history behind the buildings is a type of experience that gives you new knowledge. That is why here we leave you 5 free tours to help you to rediscover Mexico City.

Top Places to Tour in Mexico City 

Below are some of the places worth visiting in the Mexican capital city with a tour guide:

The Ministry of Culture  

The Ministry of Culture carries out different tours every Sunday to preach the historical, artistic, and cultural value of the traditions, festivities, and constructions of the city. Some of their tours have a fee of between $10 and $20, but most of the options are free and you can check on their Facebook page.

  • when: sundays at 10:45;
  • how much: free to $20. 

You can check their Facebook page for more details. 

Central de Abastos

This tour takes you through the murals of the Central de Abasto. Since the intervention on its walls by the We Do Things collective, this space has acquired a new attraction. It is a series of free tours in CDMX with photographic, gastronomic, and night themes. Each tour lasts around two hours. So don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes for the walk. To attend, it is very important to book in advance, what you have to do is send an email to

  • when: friday at 10:00 a.m., Wednesday and thursday, starting at 10:00 p.m.;
  • how much:  free entry. 

You can check their Facebook page for more details.

Metro Hidalgo

Discover the daily life of Mexicans, from their transportation, history, commerce, gastronomy, art, daily tools, and neighborhoods, among many more aspects… in this tour, you will get to know the Mexico where Mexicans live

Visit the Square of the 3 cultures to know the history of the city of Tlatelolco. Then you can take a panoramic visit to the Archaeological Zone and the Church of Santiago Apostle. Walk towards the subway with the same name, where we can talk more about the customs and daily life of Mexico City and its inhabitants.

  • when: check out the tours;
  • how much: bus: $7.00, Tlatelolco Metro: $5, Guerrero Metro: $5. Admission fee to the Museum of Popular Art: 6 pesos. (Budget to eat in the market. Approx. $20). 

Do well to check their Facebook page for more details. 

Tour of the Basilica of Guadalupe

This tour visits the sanctuaries of the Virgin of Guadalupe hill, and the murals by Fernando Leal where the history of the Marian apparitions is related. From the hill, you have a privileged view of the north of the city. There is a brief overview of the temple and old convent of the Capuchins, which was the house of the ayate of San Juan Diego when the old basilica was closed. This is a historical and artistic tour, so we go beyond dogmas, always respecting all beliefs.

  • when: check out the tours;
  • how much: €0 (tip-based).

Do well to check their Facebook page for more details. 

Tour of Coyoacán 

This free tour in Mexico City will take you to Coyoacán, one of the most bohemian neighborhoods in the city, where famous people such as Frida Kahlo lived.

The route usually begins at the ticket office of the Viveros/Derechos Humanos metro station, from where you will begin a walk along Avenida Universidad to the Chapel of San Antonio de Padua, one of the visits to Mexico City that you cannot miss.

From here and after the guide’s explanation about the neighborhood and its history, you will get to know Coyoacán by going to the National Music Library and the National Watercolor Museum. We’ll advise you to enter here after the tour since you will only see a few brushstrokes from the outside.

The following stops of the tour are the Centennial Garden and the house where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera lived, where this tour will end.

  • when: every day at 3 pm;
  • how much: 230 pesos entry fees. 

You can check their page online for more details. 


Tours of Mexico City are highly demanded by travelers who come to this incredible city to see it firsthand. In addition to being very popular, these tours of Mexico City aren’t expensive. You can find a guide who speaks English or Spanish to accompany you, something that adds great extra value. And regarding the price, it is the traveler who determines what to give the tour guide. You only give this as a tip, once the free tour in Mexico City is over, depending on your final assessment.

This free tour of Mexico City will take you through the fascinating history of the city as well as some of the essential places to see in Mexico City.


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