6 ways to make your resume stand out

In today’s job market, it can be difficult to get your resume noticed. With so many qualified candidates vying for the same positions, it is important to make sure your resume stands out.

A resume is a document that showcases a candidate’s qualifications for a job. It often includes their education, experience, skills, and achievements and is a great way to showcase how you could be an asset to the company. Having a polished resume is a great way to set yourself apart from other candidates applying for the same job. When creating a resume, it’s also important to understand the industry you’re looking into as well as the hiring company you’re applying to so that you can tailor your resume to both.

Here are 6 ways to make your resume stand out from the rest.

1. Keep it relevant. The first step is to make sure your resume is relevant to the positions you are applying for. Hiring managers are looking for specific qualifications, so you want to make sure that your resume highlights skills and experience that somehow relate to the desired position. While you may have an impressive work history, hiring managers will want to see how your work experience qualifies you as a good candidate for the job. Look for ways to connect existing skills to the position you are applying for.

2. Include a header and summary or objective. Since recruiters review a large volume of resumes each day, you will need to draw attention to your resume in order to stand out. By including a header and summary or objective, you will help hiring managers quickly and easily notice your resume among the others. A summary is no longer than three sentences and reviews your relevant experience and skills. An objective explains your career goal and what skills you can bring to the company. These sections should be concise and clear.

3. Highlight your accomplishments. In order to demonstrate your personal and professional experience, your resume should highlight your various accomplishments. When listing your previous positions, include quantifiable achievements that demonstrate the impact you made in that role. For example, “Increased sales by 20%” or “Managed a team of 5 people”. This type of information will show employers the value you bring as a potential employee. Additionally, you may choose to include unique educational accomplishments and may even outline a few reasons for an online master’s degree that demonstrate your high business acumen and future planning goals.

4. Use keywords from the job description. When tailoring your resume for a specific job opening, be sure to use keywords from the job description throughout your resume. This will help ensure that your resume stands out when recruiters search through applicant tracking systems. It’s important to incorporate the words in a natural way so that they convey authenticity.

5. Make it visually appealing. While recruiters will appreciate a well-designed resume, make sure your creativity is professional. You’ll want to make sure you submit a well formatted resume that is clear and easy to read by using bullet points and short paragraphs. You want to remove any unnecessary fluff or filler sentences so that hiring managers can easily identify your key qualifications. Pay close attention to using the appropriate font style, font size, and any color choices.

6. Proofread! Proofread your resume multiple times to ensure there are no typos or errors. Since it can be easy to miss mistakes when you have been looking at the same document for a long time, a second pair of eyes can be helpful. While not necessary, it may be a great idea to hire a professional to proofread and make any necessary revisions before you submit your resume.

Having a good resume is important for any job seeker, and while it may be challenging to create one that stands out from the rest, by following the above suggestions, you will be off to a great start. There are an unlimited number of ways to creatively showcase your skills and experience so that you capture the attention of your next hiring manager.


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