Why OCR is Important and How You Can Apply it to Your Scanned Documents

Looking for an easy way to turn text into editable documents? Luckily, anything is possible in today’s digitized world. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is designed specifically to fulfill this purpose. Still new to the term? Keep reading to know what OCR PDF is and its uses.

Are you wondering how to use OCR? Learn all about PDFelement for Mac and Windows, a robust tool that offers powerful OCR functions. Let’s get started!

Part 1: What is OCR Technology and How Can It Help You?

Want to know what is OCR PDF technology? Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has been used for decades. OCR scans text in handwritten, image, or printed forms. The scanned text is then converted into digital files that can be edited. It uses the bit-map of an image to match the series of dots to particular numbers or letters.

OCR technology finds its application in a variety of cases. Its most common application is passport recognition in airports. Users can also extract contact information or use it for data entry. OCR technology can significantly boost your workflow by providing faster data entry.

Part 2: What is the Best OCR Tool for Scanned Documents?

Searching for the best OCR tool to scan documents on your Mac? The solution lies in Wondershare PDFelement. It is an innovative tool that can help you bring the best out of your PDFs. Its extensive toolset contains everything you might need for your documents. From editing PDFs to converting them into multiple formats, PDFelement can do it all.

PDFelement for Mac offers a built-in OCR tool. You can use it to scan documents and edit text with ease. This powerful OCR feature can also convert images to text that can be selected and modified. Extracting data from scanned documents is also easy owing to this robust tool. You can choose form fields and extract the required data effortlessly.

Download Wondershare PDFelement for free today and make your scanned documents editable and searchable.

Part 3: How to Make Your Scanned Documents Editable and Searchable Efficiently?

Want to learn how to use the OCR feature of PDFelement for Mac? Here is how you can turn your scanned documents into editable files easily:

Step 1: Open the PDF File

Install and launch Wondershare PDFelement PDF toolkit on your computer. Now click the “Open File” button and open the scanned document.

Step 2: Perform the OCR

Now go to the “Tools” tab from the top ribbon. Underneath, locate and click on “OCR” to perform OCR on the entire document. If you wish to perform OCR on a certain part of your document, tap “OCR Area.” From the pop-up window, click on “Scan to Editable Text.” Then select the OCR language from the “Languages Recognition” section.

Step 3: Save the Editable File

Afterward, hit the “Apply” button to start applying the OCR. Once you apply OCR to the document, you can make the necessary changes, such as editing text, by going to the “Edit” tab. To save your document, navigate to the “File” tab and click “Save.”

Part 4: Reasons to Use the OCR Feature of Our Recommended PDF Tool

Still, wondering why you should use PDFelement as your go-to OCR tool? For starters, the program uses an interactive interface that is very easy to operate. The OCR feature of PDFelement is quite powerful and robust because it supports 20+ languages. You can instantly get high-quality outputs in a few simple clicks.

Users from any field of work, including education, IT, and creative services, can make use of this OCR reader. You can save both time and effort using the tool. PDFelement allows users to scan multiple files simultaneously and transform them into editable documents.

Part 5: Other Prominent Features of this Robust PDF Editor

  • Convert PDF: Want to convert your PDFs to or from other file formats? This complete PDF solution supports a wide range of formats for file conversion. Users can enjoy high-speed conversions in batches and get premium-quality outputs.
  • Annotate PDF: You can use PDFelement to highlight or markup text in your document. The Annotate feature also provides sticky notes, shapes, stamps, and drawings for the PDF.
  • Protect PDF: Are you worried about the safety of your PDF files? You can now protect your PDF from unnecessary actions using PDFelement. This tool can prevent your files from unauthorized access, editing, printing, copying, and more. You can thus keep your sensitive data confidential using PDFelement.
  • Sign PDF: To sign your PDFs quickly and efficiently, you can try Wondershare PDFelement. The tool can create electronic signatures so you can digitally sign your PDFs for various purposes.
  • Organize PDF: Is your PDF document disorganized? You can use PDFelement to reorder pages in a document with ease. You can also split, delete, crop, rotate, and add pages to PDFs without hassle.


OCR is a helpful tool that can be used in various scenarios. With Wondershare PDFelement at your service, you can now scan your documents anywhere. This tool offers some top-tier solutions when it comes to PDF editing or management. With its easy navigation and competent features, you can bring the best out of your documents.


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