YouTube Reveals It’s Been Behind Every Viral Video Ever

YouTube Reveals It's Been Behind Every Viral Video Ever

YouTube reveals it’s been behind every viral video ever. Awesome, now we know who to blame for the planking trend.

In their most recent viral video trends posting, bearing the #newtrends hashtag, YouTube announced they were in fact responsible for inventing, producing, and spreading every single one of our favorite viral videos. “It’s what we do here.”

For 2014 the masterminds at YouTube, along with the help of the humble public, have come up with a few new and fun upcoming viral trends I can see (*sigh*) possibly becoming real ones – like clocking.

Yeah, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Err, I’ll rephrase. No you are not running up to complete strangers in the street and clocking them in the face. While that has been done, people don’t get circulated on YouTube for that, they typically get arrested for assault and battery.

Clocking involves standing wherever and posing ones arms out like the hands on a face of a standard clock to mimic the time of day. “The longer you stand there in place, the funnier and cooler it is.” YouTube creators are certain it’ll be bigger than planking.

I can see many making a pilgrimage to Big Ben just to be digitally captured clocking with the massive, iconic landmark. And though the video is a comedic, spoofy play on memes, it is quite possible we could start seeing video snippets of people in public clocking in the coming weeks.

Moving along.

Finish-lining – which you’ll just have to watch the video to understand.

There are butter fails, videos showcasing people ruining their bread as they struggle to spread cold butter across it.

And what trend wouldn’t be complete without some kind of public ridicule. Akin to pet shaming, the geniuses at YouTube have come up with baby shaming, “Where you publically mock your baby for its lack of motor skills and general abilities.”

With a social media-addicted society – where people will tweet or post every ongoing event in their lives – I can totally see elaborately coordinated flash-mob divorce becoming extremely popular.

I can only hope I’m subjected to the $1,000 gifting trend.

Megan Charles

Megan Charles is a general news and health-focus writer with a background in medicine and biotechnology. Currently she is contributing to Social News Daily and Whole Woman Health. Former credits include Indyposted, The Daily Globe, and The Inquisitr.


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