YouTube Pitches Advertisers With Reserved Space For Advanced Buys

Google’s has bumped up its efforts to attract additional advertising dollars to YouTube with a new offering that promises reserved space for advanced advertising buys.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, YouTube will guarantee to air ads across its channels until such time the ad reaches the stated audience the advertiser is trying to reach with an advanced buy.

Currently a set time period ad buy on YouTube targeting specific demographics or channels does not always deliver the ads or audience reach requested. Going forward YouTube will now promise to deliver the specific number of ads in reserved space, even if it’s after the ordered time period, but only if the ads are booked in advance.

The offering puts YouTube closer to the traditional TV advertising model, where a station or network can guarantee (to a point) that ads will reach a specific audience number. That model does though rely on ratings; in the event of a TV show not delivering the expected audience the station or network would reimburse the advertiser.

In theory it should make it easier for advertisers to allocate more of their budget to advertising on YouTube given the certainty of audience reach offered by the deal.

YouTube has previously reached out to companies and agencies that traditionally advertise on television. The introduction of third party tracking by Comscore and Nielsen in November 2013 allowed YouTube audience numbers to be compared directly to audience numbers on network and cable television.

While Google has continued to attract increased advertising on YouTube, the chunk of the advertising pie the site attracts is still small compared to its television based competition.

Duncan Riley


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