How to create polls and quizzes to engage with your audience

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With the influence of social media and the internet, reaching people and getting their opinions has become even more accessible. Thanks to social networks, it is very easy to measure how people will react to your brand or a plan you want to make with polls and quizzes. In this article, you’ll learn how to create the most intriguing and engaging polls and quizzes. 

How can online polls and quizzes help you with engagement?

Polls and quizzes may be one of the most effective and common ways to communicate with people. The biggest reason for this is that the internet is more and more integrated into our daily lives. Thanks to the internet, it is very easy to contact customers with quizzes and polls. Additionally, you are likely to attract more audiences to your brand with surprising or instructive quizzes.

You can arouse people’s curiosity with the topics and themes you choose in polls and quizzes. Thanks to this curiosity, the audience will fill out the quizzes from start to finish. Each quiz and poll stores a lot of data about people, and by using this data, you can gather insights about your brand. Moreover, you can get a lot of information not only about the brand but also about potential customers. These results can be an excellent opportunity to turn them into loyal customers.

3 Best ways to create online polls, surveys, and quizzes

It is clear how useful polls and quizzes can be for your work. However, you may not know how to create them or you may not be sure which platform to use. There are many different ways to create a poll or quiz, and these methods have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Here are some examples of methods:

1. Use the platform itself 

As everyone knows, there are many social media channels today, and according to Smart Insights, 59% of the world’s population uses social media. Almost every social media platform has created its own poll system. For example, on Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube, you can poll your followers on various topics and find out what your followers think.


Although doing surveys or quizzes in these channels allows you to reach more people, there are also some shortcomings. You cannot create long and complicated quizzes or polls on social media. In addition, the results you gather from these are rather limited, so you can not obtain a detailed analysis. 

(Using a social platform’s poll maker)

2. Use an online poll maker

There are many different poll makers with which you can create polls online. One of them is is a quiz maker where you can create quizzes, polls, and forms online. With the quiz maker, you can prepare many quizzes and polls on different subjects thanks to the ready-made templates. Moreover, offers many advanced features in its free forever plan. 


With, you can make use of different question types in these ready-made templates, and it takes a very short time to create an eye-pleasing quiz and poll with advanced customized design options. Poll makers send you instant notifications from your quizzes and provide you with detailed statistics about their answers. Thanks to the insights you collect, you can get data from your audience.

(Using a professional quiz&poll maker)

3. Ask your audience to comment

Unlike other methods, you can share a post where you ask people to comment. This post can be on your own website, or you can communicate with your audience through comments on a social media platform that belongs to you.


This method has some shortcomings. First, it will take a long time to evaluate your audience’s comments because you have to read and review each comment one by one. Second, people may not want to answer this question because it will take too long and it doesn’t seem interesting. Finally, you can only ask one type of question to the audience, which means a boring poll for many people.

(Asking for their opinion without any poll)

6 proven tips for starting a poll or quiz online 

Polls and quizzes provide a lot of benefits for your business and better communication. However, there are some tips that you should pay attention to while preparing them. By paying attention to these tips, you can get more efficiency from each poll or quiz you prepare because they will look more engaging. Here are the steps to make quizzes and polls look better to help you contact interactively with your audience:

1 Choosing a suitable theme

There is one thing that people see and pay attention to while browsing social media, and that is appearance. For this reason, you should create your quiz or poll with colors and patterns suitable for your theme. Even animated backgrounds can add a more fun atmosphere.


You should definitely avoid dark colors such as black, gray, brown, because you can cause people to get bored and distracted easily. Choosing more energetic colors such as yellow, orange and pink may be a better option for your quizzes and polls.


2. Keeping questions short

Time is a very valuable thing for everyone, so no one wants to waste their time, especially on a poll or quiz. Keeping your questions short and clear is important so that people don’t get bored and don’t leave without answering the questions. With short questions, both you and your audience will save time.

3. Adding videos and pictures to questions

As mentioned above, these quizzes and polls should attract people’s attention and arouse curiosity. Additionally, they shouldn’t get bored halfway through the quizzes. For this reason, it can be a great idea to add images and videos to your questions. These videos or images are only relevant to the questions, they do not have to be informative. A fun video or picture that can be related to the question from daily life can also make people happy.


4. Paying attention to the variety of options

Preparing questions is a very difficult task because there are so many things you need to check. However, preparing an answer in addition to these questions can be more challenging. While preparing a poll or quiz, you should make sure that your choices contain all possible answers. 


For example, when asking about their reactions to a problem, you should not give a scale consisting of only positive or only negative answers. There should be both positive and negative answers in the choices so that people can choose the answer they find close to them.

5. Adding fun topics from time to time

While people are solving polls and quizzes, they can be distracted, no matter how hard you try to keep it from being boring. For this reason, while preparing questions, you can add a question related to a topic that they may also be interested in. This topic can also be related to popular culture or a joke that everyone can laugh at.

6. Being Objective when asking questions

If you are doing a quiz or poll to gather customer opinion about your product, you may want to ask questions about the product frequently. However, frequently asking questions about the brand can make the quiz too promotional. You can get a better result by asking objective questions and not directing questions about your brand.

Wrapping it up

To summarize, no matter what your business is, communicating with people through polls and quizzes is one of the tools to help you grow. First, they help you communicate with people in an interactive way. Every answer people give to the polls or quizzes you prepare helps you get an idea about your brand. Thanks to these ideas, you will have a chance to improve yourself.


There are also many different ways to create polls and quizzes, and one of them is poll makers. Thanks to quiz makers like, you can prepare professional-looking polls and quizzes in no time by using ready-made templates.


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