Nextcloud: A File Storage and Sharing Solution

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Businesses and individual users are increasingly depending on cloud-based storage. The market is floated with open-source solutions that users can install on various platforms.

Nextcloud is an extraordinary tool that supports users with backups and file backup management. You can use this open-source, free client-server software to address your file hosting and storage needs.

This article will explain what Nextcloud is and its features. Let’s get started.

What is Nextcloud?

For many years users have expressed interest in creating their own cloud storage network and having total control over it. Nextcloud is an open-source tool released in 2020 to give users free access to their data, allow them to synchronize it between different devices, and share information with others. Nextcloud offers its users total control of how they store, share and delete their data.

Among other things users can access when using Nextcloud hosting applications are collaborative and communication functionalities. Most services center on Nextcloud Enterprise solutions like hosting, application maintenance, specific developments, or support requests. But these are paid-for services.


Nextcloud has diverse features that have attracted many users. They include:


  • The application is available for installation and external hosting in a dedicated server or VPS. Nextcloud allows company staff to work anywhere, anytime.
  • You can generate Public URLs to support you when sharing files while bypassing the requirement to use file transfer methods like FTP.


  • Nextcloud is compatible with different operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Linux. It’s a versatile solution that users with multiple devices hooked to a cloud storage network will enjoy using.
  • The platform integrates well with MySQL and Oracle Database. This gives its users an extra data management layer in their cloud storage network.
  • Its major functionalities resemble those of collaboration tools.


  • Nextcloud has powerful capabilities such as document storage, file sharing, data synchronization, and encryption.
  • The platform offers three options: Files for documents, Groupware for project management, and Talk for discussions.
  • You can take notes or edit files online.
  • The application offers the option to add multiple purpose-built plugins to help you access additional features and functionality. As a result, you can integrate other sharing platforms into the Nextcloud interface to enable you to integrate and centralize your file management strategy.


  • The application was designed purposely for collaboration; as a result, its large community continuously releases new apps and plugins. They include a password manager, a complete video conferencing solution, media streaming, a software suite, photo galleries, contacts lists, calendars, etc.
  • Users use an extension system to expand the functionalities of the Nextcloud Enterprise (The solutions designed initially for file sharing). You can integrate with other online exchange services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, and others.


  • Nextcloud offers strong security and data protection. Users share files through WebDAV.
  • Encrypting files during transit makes it a secure file-sharing platform.
  • Although all files are accessible, the self-hosted file sharing and synchronization solution guarantee security and privacy that you can get in a private solution.

Based on these features, Nextcloud is excellent software. Many users turn to it for their storage needs. You, too, can use this open-source solution to manage your data today.

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