Steven Yeun Talks ‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 In Google Hangouts Interview [Video]

The Walking Dead

If you haven’t caught the season 3 premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC, we’re not here to spoil anything for you. We will, however, show a great Google Hangouts interview with one of the show’s stars, Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn on the hit zombie apocalypse show.

The highly-anticipated season 3 premiere of The Walking Dead is being talked about all day today as fans, critics, and media journalists dissect the episode and speculate as to what’s to come for our band of strung-out survivors. The premiere offered a lot of action and gore, and set a pretty good tone for what we can expect out of the characters as the third season moves along.

In case you’re a bit slow to the table and haven’t been paying attention to Walking Dead buzz since season 2’s finale, the new season shows what fans are calling “The Ricktatorship” wherein Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes throws out democratic process and takes unilateral control of the group of survivors, for better or worse. The premiere mainly followed the core group, though a few one-off scenes gave audiences a glimpse of Andrea and her hooded, katana-wielding savior from the season 2 finale, a character known to fans of the comic book as Michonne. Absent from the premiere was David Morrissey’s The Governor, the antagonist for season 3. The Governor of the comic book series was the cruel, despotic leader of the Woodbury settlement of survivors, and the overlap of Rick’s dictatorial tendencies with The Governor’s sadistic despotism will likely serve as the philosophical main course of the season to come.

In any case, here’s Steven Yeun’s Google Hangouts interview with the LA Times. He talks a bit about the work that has gone into putting season 3 of The Walking Dead together and gives some hints as to what’s to come for the core group of survivors. WARNING:Content of the following interview may contain spoilers and NSFW language.

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