Facebook Dispute Ends With One Teen Stabbing Another 65 Times

Facebook Dispute Ends With One Teen Stabbing Another 65 Times

A Facebook dispute between two best friends ended with one teen stabbing another at least 65 times. Authorities say 16-year-old Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez was so infuriated following a Facebook dispute over uploaded pictures, that the young girl murdered her best friend, Anel Baez, also 16.

Gutierrez received a Facebook alert whereupon she realized Baez had posted naked photos of the two onto the social network. Metro reports that Gutierrez told another friend Baez would be lucky to survive the year over posting the embarrassing images.

After the two friends hashed out several threatening and disparaging messages online, Gutierrez supposedly convinced Baez to invite her over to Baez’s Guamuchil, Mexico home to make up over the naked photo fall out.

According to local police, Gutierrez excused herself to use the bathroom but instead went into the kitchen where she acquired a knife. Gutierrez then used it to stab her friend over 60 times.

Gutierrez tried to clean the blood from her clothes and the weapon but was unsuccessful, the Mirror reports. The teen also attempted to conceal her role in the grisly murder. She fled the scene and later pretended to grieve alongside her other friends when the murder was revealed.

Gutierrez was arrested at her best friend’s funeral.

This unfortunate murder between friends, citing social media as a contributing factor, is not an isolated case.

Edward Richardson, 41, was found guilty of stabbing to death Sarah Richardson, 26, a hairdresser, in her parents’ house in May 2008. Edward murdered Sarah because his estranged wife changed her relationship status on her Facebook from married to single. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

In Sept 2011, authorities found a woman’s decapitated body in the Mexican border city Nuevo Laredo. The World Post states, along with the unidentified remains police found a handwritten sign saying she was killed in retaliation for her postings on a social networking site.

A year of hateful social media posts, text-messages, and voice mails between two teenage girls escalated to murder in April 2009. Rachel Wade, who was 19 years old at the time, stabbed and killed her rival, 18-year-old Sarah Ludemann.

Both girls were engaged in a vicious battle over another teenager, Joshua Camacho, as both girls had dated the young man. Wade was convicted of murder in the second degree.

Earlier this year, Social News Daily reported on how a Facebook newbie, 35-year-old Travis Schelling, was arrested for kidnapping and assaulting his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

The misunderstanding began when Schelling suspected his girlfriend of being too social with other men on her social media account, confusing the woman’s Facebook news feed updates for direct personal messages. Fueled by jealousy, he proceeded to slap and beat his girlfriend over several hours every time something new appeared on the page. Thankfully, in this case, the woman survived the nightmare ordeal.

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