Twitter Focuses On TV With SecondSync, Mesagraph Acquisition


Twitter offers the definitive second screen experience for TV watchers around the globe, and today acquired two companies focused around social TV.

The social network bought SecondSync, which coins itself “social analytics for TV,” and Mesagraph, another similar company based out of France.

While Mesagraph currently works with French broadcasters, SecondSync has its roots in the UK, solid markets for Twitter to expand its reach.

Financial terms of either acquisition have not been revealed, and employees will transition over to Twitter UK in London.

In official announcements, both companies offered similar sentiments, and here’s a couple quick blurbs:

“We’re also really excited about what’s ahead of us. Not only Twitter is the platform where the vast majority of public Social TV comments happens, it’s also an immense source of opportunities for advertisers to reach their audience creatively and efficiently.”

“We are very proud of the business we have built up over the last three years. Through our social analytics products, we’ve enabled clients in the broadcast and advertising industries to realise the value of conversations on Twitter about television.”

It’s worth mentioning that SecondSync partnered with Facebook back in January, and it’s unclear how and if that partnership will continue moving forward.

Twitter knows how influential it is alongside TV, and today’s acquisitions reflects its focus to offer advertisers better insight.

Photo credit: Tim Bonnemann

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