YouTube Drives The Most Engaged Traffic Of Any Social Network [Study]


YouTube and other social networks may do a great job of keeping us on them, but according to new data from Shareaholic, the video site drives the most engaged traffic.

Today, Shareaholic published its first ever “Social Referrals That Matter” report, which consists of the world’s largest social networks.

The company analyzed data from September 2013 to February 2014 across its network of over 200,000 sites.

Here’s how the top social networks rank in average time on site, and average pages per visit:

-YouTube: 227.82 seconds, 2.99 pages per visit

-Google+: 188.54 seconds, 2.45 pages per visit

-LinkedIn: 133.10 seconds,2.23 pages per visit

-Twitter: 123.10 seconds, 2.15 pages per visit

-Facebook: 127.44 seconds, 2.03 pages per visit

-Pinterest: 64.67 seconds, 1.71 pages per visit

-Reddit: 81.16 seconds, 1.58 pages per visit

-StumbleUpon: 54.09 seconds, 1.50 pages per visit

Surprisingly, Google+ ranked just behind YouTube, and Twitter and Facebook are tied for fourth place.

YouTube also has the lowest bounce rate at 43.19 percent, compared to Reddit at 70.16 percent.

Shareaholic explains why the video site is the king of the mountain:

“Video itself is so engaging and viewers are likely to maintain a similar level of engagement with related content. Therefore, video watchers are especially receptive to links within video descriptions which complement the audio+visual content they just consumed.”

While traffic from Google+ and LinkedIn is still lacking compared to other social networks, Shareaholic suggests it might be a good idea to invest more time into each platform.

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