Dennis Rodman Dresses In Drag, Twitter Calls For Intervention

dennis rodman

Is it time for the internet to host an intervention for Dennis Rodman?

Sure, we made fun of him when he declared that Kim Jong Un was his new BFF. And yeah, it was funny when The Worm released a children’s book. But this recent stunt… at the Legends Of Basketball Tour in Argentina… with Rodman dressed up in drag… well, it looks like the internet is ready to call in the counselors and host an intervention.

A lot of people said that Dennis Rodman was dressed up in drag during the Legends of Basketball Tour but that isn’t quite the case. He’s not really wearing anything that could be considered “women’s clothing.” He does, however, look like he just stepped off the tour bus of an 80s hairband.

Dressing up in drag isn’t exactly new for Dennis Rodman. The former NBA player has sported a dress on numerous occasions. His most famous outing probably came during his book tour for his biography Bad As I Want To Be when he dressed up in a full white wedding gown.

So let’s hold off on the intervention for the moment. This isn’t really a call for help. It’s just Dennis Rodman being, well, Dennis Rodman.

photo credit: portalbogota2013 via photopin cc

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