Klash App Brings Truth Or Dare To Foursquare Type Service, Offers Social Rewards

Klash Challenge Accepted

Location based services have traditionally been used to check into locations and on occasion to send sales coupons and other special offers. Now thanks to mobile startup Klash users can take advantage of their friends locations to challenge them in a game of truth or dare.

Launched just two weeks ago Klash is a social-rewards network that allows users to log in via Facebook or Twitter, find friends and then challenge them to various activities. Currently the program is only available to iOS and web users.

The app was created by three college students at Spain’s ESADE Business School who watched as a friend surfed a wave on a dare and was then rewarded with a cold beer. After their trip the men brainstormed ideas for what would eventually become Klash.

According to co-Founder Alessandro Petrucciani:

“With Klash, we try to connect people through their competitive instinct. We have seen a lot of people engaging in various klashes with each other. It’s a platform that is not only used in your friend circle, but also helps connecting like-minded people with same interests.”

The apps co-founder pitched the idea while wearing a mankini on This Week in Startups, obviously a pitch he was Klashed to make.

Not only are friends involved in each Klash a users sends, there are public pages that pledge support for certain Klashes. Users do of course have the option to start private clashes with friends from their own network.

The men who invented the app hope that one day corporate sponsored Klashes will reward users. For example perhaps you do 100 pushes and post the video and Coke will buy you a soda. The possible sponsorship offers and hilarity that ensues are endless.

Here’s a promo video for Klash

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