McDonald’s Responds To Taco Bell’s Breakfast Menu With Epic Photo


Taco Bell finally rolled out its breakfast menu this week, and while it’s received a lot of attention, it’s also caught the eye of other fast food chains.

By other fast food chains, we mean none other than McDonald’s, the undisputed king of fast food breakfast AKA delicious crispy hash browns.

To help kick off its new breakfast menu, Taco Bell enlisted the help of Ronald McDonalds across America:

It was a clever jab at the undisputed king, but Friday night McDonald’s responded with a photo of epic proportions:

Queue mic drop. So far, the photo has received over 1500 retweets, and over 1000 favorites.

Judging by what people had to say on Twitter, we imagine this is how the Internet reacted collectively:


The photo tops McDonald’s other tweet sent Friday morning, which barely pushed past 100 retweets:

Also on Friday, the fast food giant announced it would be giving away a free small cup of coffee March 31 through April 13.

Taco Bell has yet to respond to the epic diss, but considering how active they are on Twitter, it’s only a matter of time.

Photo credit: dsuniaga

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