Baby’s Gender Reveal Leaves Big Brother In Tears, Refusing To Eat Cake

Young Boy Doesnt Want Another Sister - Viral Video

Tiffany Mertlich and her husband wanted to reveal the gender of their new child in a fun way for their children. Unfortunately, their plan failed miserably, at least in the eyes of their son.

Tiffany baked a pink cake and covered it with white frosting. She then told her children that a blue color inside meant a boy was on the way, while pink represented the upcoming birth of another sister.

When her son Gunner realizes the family is having a third girl, he flips out. Gunner begins to cry, says he doesn’t want another sister, and then refuses to eat any of the cake.

Gunner predicts before his meltdown that he will finally have a brother. When the cake is cut he screams, “I don’t want another girl!” His dad responds, “You had the same reaction I did, bud.”

For some reason YouTube viewers love watching little kids flip out. The video was uploaded on March 22 and has racked up 655,629 views. The viral hit has received 3,755 thumbs up votes and 404 down votes.

Personally, I don’t really see the appeal in the video, it’s not funny, it’s not shocking, it is just a little boy crying and refusing to eat his supper. Any parent can attest to this just being a regular part of growing up.



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