Twitter Users Get Mixed Up With Famous Footballer And Abused

Robin Van Persie

Robin Van Persie is a footballer who plays as a striker for Manchester United, but he was recently mixed up with an unlikely adversary.

Ravi Visvesvaraya Prasad is an India IT expert from New Deli, who just happens to have the twitter handle @RVP. The professional footballers real twitter handle is @Persie_Official

As you could imagine, he gets mixed up with Robin Van Persie quite a bit.

However, Prasad is aware of the confusion and has even taken it up with himself to find humor in the situation.

He has even jokingly stated that he will not give up his account, but instead buy @persie_official’s handle.

Others have also been confused with @persie_official, such as Sarah Moyes, owner of the twittler handle @moyesy and Ashley Van Buren, owner of the twitter handle @avb.

Sarah Moyes usually gets mixed up with football manager David Moyes.

She’s even been published in the Manchester Evening Newspaper.

The popularity of the handles have brought even more attention to them, causing some people to troll and up the intensity of their hateful tweets. The innocent twitter users are hoping things die down soon.

[Photo Credit: WallPapo]

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