Instagram More Popular Than Twitter Among Mobile Users

Twitter and Instagram

Instagram has surpassed Twitter in becoming more popular among U.S. smartphone users, highlighting the growth of the photo sharing app that was acquired by Facebook as it starts to monetize its platform.

According to research firm eMarketer, in 2013 nearly 35 million Americans used Instagram at least once per month, compared to Twitter’s 43.2 million.

Instagram became increasingly popular with younger users, particularly those who are female. It also seems to have a more socially active user base.

Reticle Research principal analyst Ross Rubin says most people use Twitter to build relationships with media entities such as TV shows, or to follow celebrities.

A study published recently also indicated that brands care less about using Twitter for increasing sales and use it primarily to boost brand awareness.

This week Instagram said its user base had grown to 200 million active monthly users across the world, 35 percent of them being located in the U.S.

Twitter was built with mobile in mind, limiting the characters of posts to just 140, the same as SMS messages, but was on the web in addition to mobile, whereas Instagram embodied ‘mobile only’.

[Photo Credit: Wired]

Chris Atkins

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