Woman Discovers Her Facebook Photos In Prostitution Ads

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It’s a little troubling to think about all the places our photos could be and what they could be used for on the world wide web. What would you do if you woke up one day and your photo was a prostitution ad?

It’s unlikely but it happens, particularly to Tennessee woman, 21 year old Dallas Miller. She says her photos on Facebook are being used in a prostitution ad and now she’s embarassed but doesn’t know what to do.

Miller says she found out about the ad when a friend called her and awkwardly told her to check out an online classified ad site, Backpage.com.

Along with the usual ads you would typically find, the classified site also features ads from ‘apparent prostitutes’ or escort companies offering their services, with a picture of an attractive female to make their product look visually appealing.

When Miller visited the site she saw her own face in a photo that was taken as part of a benefit for abused children, which had been posted to Facebook. The ad has the caption “Best time of your life 100% guaranteed satisfaction” with a phone number in addition.

Prostitution ad

According to a local TV station Miller says she feels victimized and things have been tough. Dallas Miller is in fact not a prostitute, and the phones were also obviously used without her permission.

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