Texas-Arlington Basketball Coach Says He Doesn’t Want Players Who Take Selfies

No selfies

Professional and Collegiate sports have had a shaky relationship with Twitter since its inception. There has been issues with players tweeting during games, players revealing medical information their teams would rather they didn’t, and of course, the occasional offensive tweet causing a controversy.

What I didn’t expect was a coach using Twitter to attack another popular social media activity. The University of Texas-Arlington Mavericks’ head basketball coach, Scott Cross, took to Twitter to let prep schools know what he thinks of student athletes that like to take pictures of themselves.

Apparently, taking a picture of yourself makes you soft according to Cross. And we all know that being soft gets you nowhere in the basketball.

I guess real men stand still while someone takes a picture of them, likely with an Eastman Kodak. Once a player grabs the camera themselves and turns it around, he or she becomes a selfish, soft and vain player that Cross doesn’t want on his team.

The Mavericks were 15-17 this year with a 9-9 record tissue soft Sun Belt conference, so I guess Coach Cross must have too many selfie taking players on his team.

[Photo Credit: Keoni Cabral]

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