iPhone 6 Said To Hit September, Finally With Bigger Screens

Rumors around the next iPhone release have run hot for months, but a strong story out of Japan today may confirm that we will finally see a decent sized iPhone released in September.

Japan’s Nekkei Asian review is reporting that Apple’s LCD screen suppliers are about to ramp up production for the next iPhone, but in surprising (be it welcome) sizes: 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.

The most recent model of the iPhone, the 5s measured in at 4 inches, relatively small compared to Apple’s main competition.

The report goes on to suggest that manufacturers have already begun making components including fingerprint sensors and chips for liquid-crystal drivers for the next incarnation of the phone once dubbed the “Jesus phone.”

There is no argument that Apple popularized smart phones, however the Cupertino based company has been on the back foot now for years. In a market it once dominated, it has been severely challenged and outsold, in particular by Samsung with its highly popular range of Galaxy and Galaxy Note phones in the premium end of the mobile phone market, once owned outright by Apple.

Whether Apple has left it too late to finally increase the size of its phones is yet to be seen, however the company still has a lot of good will left in the market. A serious choice of decent sized phones at least gives it a fighting chance to retake some of the market share it has lost to Samsung.

Duncan Riley


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