Klout Confirms Acquisition By Lithium Technologies


We reported yesterday that social influence platform Klout was acquired by Lithium Technologies for $200 million, and today CEO Joe Fernandez confirmed.

Fernandez did not disclose financial terms of the deal, so we’ll have to take the $200 million figure at face value for now.

Posting the link above on Twitter to the official announcement, Fernandez shared a look back at Klout’s start in 2008, and what it’s accomplished:

“Over the last six years, we’ve integrated signals from seven social networks and added data from Wikipedia, Bing Search, and more. We distribute Klout data into the world more than 50 billion times per month, work with nearly half of Ad Age’s top digital brands, and have delivered more than a million Perks to our amazing users. “

He see’s the acquisition by Lithium as the beginning, not the end, and reassures users that Klout will continue to function.

“You will still be able to get insights about your social media performance, find new content to share, and be rewarded with Perks on both Klout.com and our mobile app.”

Lithium Technologies specializes in social customer experience management software, and works with such companies as Skype and Time Warner Cable.

Here’s what Lithium CEO Rob Tarkoff had to say:

“This acquisition helps Lithium put the power back into consumers’ hands in a real way that delivers real benefits to consumers as well as brands.”

Last month, Klout launched new social sharing tools that stretch beyond simply measuring one’s online influence.

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