Songza Will Now Recommend Music Based On The Weather


Songza is a free music curation app that hooks you up with tunes based on what you’re doing, and today announced integration that factors in the weather.

Teaming up with none other than The Weather Channel, users will be able to listen to music that’s ideal for certain weather.

For example, if it’s currently raining and thundering, maybe a heavy metal playlist complete with Slayer will do the trick or if it’s sunny, a playlist that’s sure to feature Pharrell’s super catchy “Happy.”

Here are a few more examples:

-The rain have you feeling mellow? Check out the “Stormy Indie Sirens” playlist for songs to match.

-Still raining, but the sun is out? Maybe you’ll like something more upbeat from “Dancing in the Rain” to “Finding a Double Rainbow.”

-Is it freezing outside well into Spring? Listen to tracks that’ll help warm you up, and get you moving.

Songza doesn’t plan on just stopping with weather, and in the near future, could take into account certain locations as well.

If multiple users are, say, loading up a workout playlist, it could recognize that location as a gym, and recommend the same playlist to other nearby users who fire up the app.

The Verge was able to grab a few screenshots of the new weather integration in Songza, and you can check them out below.

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