Man Narrowly Escapes Houston Apartment Fire With His Life In Must-See Clip [Video]

fire escape video

Houston, TX – A man narrowly escaped a blazing apartment complex fire with his life this week, and the video is a real heart-pounder.

The complex, still under construction at the time, set fire on Tuesday, leaving one construction worker trapped on the top floor. He exited the building onto a makeshift balcony and waited for the rescue team to raise a ladder to his position as the fire raged behind him.

Ultimately, the fire proved too hot and the rescue truck, too slow, so the man dangled from the edge and dropped to a lower balcony where he waited for the ladder. It reached him just in time. Seconds after his rescue, the top floor collapsed in the blaze.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Karen Jones, who recorded the amazing footage from a building across the street. Watch it below:

[h/t – BGR]

Dusten Carlson
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