Burger King Baby Reunited With Mom Thanks To Facebook

burger king baby facebook


The “Burger King baby,” a woman abandoned in 1986 after being born in a Burger King bathroom, was first reported upon by Social News Daily in early March.

As we previously noted, the Burger King baby’s name is Katheryn Deprill — and now nearly 30, the little girl with a shaky start in life took to the social network to crowdsource her search for her birth mom.

We’ve all seen similar posts in our news feeds, but something about Deprill’s is really compelling. Perhaps it’s the palpable mystery, as the Burger King baby story is a very unique and detailed one:

And it stuck with people, clearly. It didn’t take but a month for Deprill’s Burger King tale to get shared more than 30,000 times across the social network.

The media noticed too, and Deprill soon updated:

Ultimately, the woman Deprill believes to be her birth mother stepped forward via an attorney, explaining the circumstances of the 27-year-old woman’s Burger King abandonment. ABC reports:

“The attorney said the woman said that, as a 16-year-old, she was raped while traveling abroad and became pregnant. The woman said she hid the pregnancy from her parents and, after giving birth in her bedroom, felt she could not take her newborn to the hospital because she would be required to answer questions.”

Not surprisingly, the Burger King baby’s mom chose to remain anonymous to all others, but Katheryn Deprill says the pair will definitely have a relationship … adding that she completely forgives her mom for what happened.

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