YouTube Updates Analytics, Big Focus On Time Watched

With concerns mounting over Youtube’s metrics, the world’s largest video site has updated their search algorithm and analytics offerings. The video sharing platforms focus is now very clearly focused on the amount of time users have watched videos compared to how many video views they have generated through their activities.

From the YouTube Creator Blog:

“We’ve started adjusting the ranking of videos in YouTube search to reward engaging videos that keep viewers watching. This is a continuation of ongoing efforts to focus our video discovery features on watch time, and follows changes we made to Suggested Videos in March, and recent improvements to YouTube Analytics.”

The changes appear to be working as more videos are being watched for longer periods of time as less users are quickly clicking away. The marketing team expects numbers to increase for publisher channels in the near future. With the addition of Time Watched in analytics, more channels will gain access to a better view of how well their videos are performing.

You can learn more about the addition of Time Watched by logging into your account and going to “YouTube Settings”, “Analytics”, then “Views”.

While the YouTube platform has largely focused on views, increasing the amount of time that people are watching each video will lead a more active audience. As audience members become more engaged ad revenue increases.

Mike Stenger

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