Facebook Launches ‘Tweaks’ Library To Let Developers Tune Their iOS Apps On The Go


Facebook says the best way to improve an app is to use it every day, so they released ‘Tweaks’, an easy way to fine-tune an iOS app.

Tweaks allows developers to tag things on the app such as the color of a button or timing of an animation, as components that can be tweaked with minor adjustments without having to dig around the source code.

The tweaks are made by hitting options in a temporary hidden settings screen which is cleaned up and tossed out when the app is finally ready to be launched.

Facebook’s goal is to remove more friction in iOS development by giving developers an easy way to make minor adjustments to things that may not be perfect on the first try. It requires no code changes and no computer, and lets developers try out different options to decide which one works best.

Developers would just have to make a change in their code that sets certain values to be a ‘Tweak’, which enables them to configure settings through the Tweaks UI.

Tweaks is free on GitHub and you can grab it here.

Chris Atkins

Chris Atkins leads product development at PostalBit, is a writer, internet marketer, content coordinator, and startup founder. He has worked alongside serial entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis, and social media mogul Brendan Hampton. Chris previously managed social media and produced content for Launch.co, and curated content for Funny.gg (sold to Bitly). He has spent years covering the business, technology, health, and finance sectors among many others.


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