StyleLend Lets You Lend And Borrow Designer Dresses With Locals

StyleLend Fashion Exchange

StyleLend is a website that lets you borrow and lend designer dresses with local ‘fashionistas’, or in other words, people who really love fashion.

You can choose one dress or several that you would like to try on, a stylist will bring the dress to you along with others that are recommended. Once you have chosen the dress you want, you can enjoy it for a week and then it is picked up for dry cleaning.

That’s just t he concierge service, there’s also another method of borrowing that StyleLend calls ‘Social Connect’. This is where you can choose a dress from another woman your size, message them with questions or reserve the dress.

Then you meet the person to try on the dress. However, StyleLend recommends you meet in a lenders closet so that if one dress does not fit another will.

StyleLend wants to make being fashionable more affordable, but in addition to allowing people to borrow dresses you can also lend them to ‘monetize your closet’.

Lenders list their dresses, meet with borrowers, dry clean each dress, and keep 70% of the rental price. StyleLend also offers a concierge service for lenders to help save them hassle, where it does everything for you but in return takes 50% of the rental price.

StyleLend is currently only available in San Francisco. It was accepted into Y Combinators latest 2014 Winter batch.

Chris Atkins

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